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Human resource management or HRM is that the study of the management of an organization or organization's own individuals or workers of its staff who work on an individual basis or conjointly for the interest of company or organization and helps management to realize the company's goal. In human resource management we tend to study the methodology and practicality of human behavior in order that we will encourage them to become additional economical and productive in favour of their management or leader like organization, company, government administration or in an exceedingly corporation. It's a trial to know the workers mentality and the way to form them additional helpful for organizations.

Human Resource Management or HRM helps to boost structure performance by vitalization its most worthy assets i.e. its operating folks or worker, who contributes their experience and labor to extend organization's productivity and growth. It deals with basic attribute and its utilization in structure perspective. Through HRM the administration decides and plans new policies to inspire the workers by victimization coming up with coaching programs, performance appraisal and compensation in addition as safety and creating an acceptable operating surroundings. HRM prepares a versatile approach to workers and build a bridge between workers and management to wipe out the issues associated with workers, production, and organizations management. Generally it is additionally outlined as Human Resource or Personal Management.

HRM has its own basic and principles. Its basic theory says that humans are not machine; thus they must be treated as associate degree human. In Human Resource Management we tend to use scientific discipline, sociology, economics, industrial relations and general applicable behavior principles of attribute by that we tend to guides the individuals to possess additional acceptableness of management selections with a positive approach towards the organization's final target.

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